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I have worked in publishing technology since graduating from college in 1997. First, I spent a year as a Multimedia Assistant with The Pioneer Group, a newspaper chain based in Big Rapids, Michigan. Then, in the summer of 1998, I took a job with Baseview Products, a publishing software vendor based in Ann Arbor.

At the Pioneer Group, I launched the company's first web presence. Although I only worked in Big Rapids a year, I learned quite a bit about the newspaper publishing business. Plus, that's where I learned about Baseview, one of the Pioneer Group's system vendors. This contact led me south to Ann Arbor.

After a year as a technical writer, then another as webmaster, I moved into an engineering role with a new web hosting initiative Baseview started. That initiative survived Baseview's aquisition by a venture group to become MediaSpan Online Services.

Download Chris's Résumé in PDF (13k) - Last updated 8/28/2006